Last Orders will go out for Chiefs colored sweats 2/4/23!


When I was little, my friends and I took to my driveway (against my parent’s liking) to tie-dye pretty much anything we could get our little hands on. While my friends slowly abandoned our colorful projects to pursue other hobbies (yea know, normal ones, like playground play or riding razor scooters around town), I continued to tie-dye...A LOT

Later, I studied photography at Kansas State University and absolutely loved it, but I always found myself, even as a grown a$$ adult, wanting to tie-dye whenever I had the chance. After moving from Kansas to Los Angeles a few years ago, I set aside time to tie-dye just for fun - just for me.

Then, Klem Tie Dye freakin’ took off faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

I went from tie-dyeing for myself to close friends to the freakin’ greater Los Angeles area, and now I get orders from around the world. I can’t thank everyone who supported me from the beginning, and I am so excited to see where this journey is going. Thanks for your support and much love <3

Alex Klemovich aka Klem Tie Dye